Simplifying holistic health for busy individuals by cultivating small, sustainable, healthy habits with a big impact.

As busy individuals, it’s easy to set aside 2 important needs: Health + Goals. As a holistic health coach on the road, I simplify the process of health and place a focus on goal setting, in order to create the time, energy, and space to cultivate big dreams!

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” ― Anthony Robbins

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Do you struggle to prioritize your health and wellness?

Do you constantly feel tired, overwhelmed, and unmotivated?

Do you have big goals and dreams but can’t get yourself to reach them?

Don’t know where to start?

If you find yourself answering yes to all of these questions, I am here to help!

The Realign Your Health and Self Program, is a 4-month and 8 session individualized program which focuses on setting goals, establishing sustainable healthy habits, asking thought-provoking questions, realigning with your purpose, and creating more space and energy for what really matters in YOUR life!

Are you ready to realign with your Health and Self?

What clients are saying…

“I absolutely love working with Kristin! She has really helped me get clear on what I enjoy in life. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the hustle and the goals but Kristin has helped me slow down to speed up. Enjoying the daily moments and working and connecting with Kristin has become something I look forward to and enjoy. She is very knowledgeable in her field and what I like as well is she is a student of her field and she is always growing and learning new things for her clients to implement. I appreciate Kristins passion for what she does!”

Shelbi S.

“Kristin did a great job listening to my concerns and gave me a lot of suggestions and tips to try. She helped me create baby steps towards my bigger goal. She found easy recipes to help give me the energy I want to have. I highly recommend her as a health coach.”

Alison R.
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