Clarity Call

30 minutes

This is a FREE initial consultation. Throughout this session, we will get to know each other, talk about your health history, your health and wellness goals, as well as what sets your soul on fire. This is your opportunity to share with me the goals you want to achieve in terms of physical and mental health. Not only does this session give you a chance to see if my Happy Homeostasis program is right for you, but I also guarantee you will leave the conversation with a greater sense of clarity on the next steps to a more purposeful life.

Breakthrough Session

60 minutes

Get ready for a jam-packed Breakthrough Session. Through a one-on-one consultation we will get to know each other, talk about your health history, your health and wellness goals, what sets your soul on fire, and how to bring more balance into your life, in order to achieve those BIG dreams and goals I know you have! During this conversation, I will introduce you to a simple, yet life-changing exercise that has transformed my personal life, and has allowed me to create a more balanced and sustainable way of living. Together, we will develop actionable and achievable goals for you to take, that will leave you feeling confident, focused, and motivated to step forward into a healthier and happier future! This Breakthrough Session is the first step to the Happy Homeostasis 6-month program, and if you decide to join the program your Breakthrough Session fee will be transferred into your 6-month program.

Happy Homeostasis

6-Month Program

This is your opportunity to make everlasting health and wellness changes in order to live a more quality and joyous lifestyle. Through the Happy Homeostasis program, we will work to develop wholesome nutrition and lifestyle habits that are catered to you as an individual, as well as discuss other important aspects of life, such as relationships, spirituality, career, finances and more! During each session, we will meet for an hour, twice a month, for 6 months (12 sessions total). Throughout your 6-month program, you will also receive monthly newsletters filled with health and wellness content such as applicable handouts, informative PDF’s, journal prompts, various in-depth articles on mindset practices, nutritional tips, alternative healing practices, exclusive Cultivation videos, virtual yoga classes, quick, healthy, and healing recipes, and so much more!

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