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Joy Cultivator, Health Coach, Adventure Seeker

“It’s our resistance to love that keeps up in the dark.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back

From a young age I allowed fear to rule my life. I feared I wouldn’t fit in, I feared I wouldn’t find love, I feared I wouldn’t find success, feared I wouldn’t find purpose. With fear driving my life, I allowed others to take the reins and decide what they thought was best for me. From my parents, to friends, and past partners, my co-dependence kept me from truly understanding who I was and what I wanted in life. This went on for years and finally I had enough. I realized my life was meant to be more than the ordinary, it was meant to be extraordinary. The 9-5 lifestyle no longer suited me and I wanted to live for the every day, not just the weekends. I wanted to experience the world instead of being stagnant. I wanted to rule my health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wanted to live a life based on love, not fear.

As my early 20’s passed by, and late 20’s crept in, I slowly began to understand what set my soul on fire. I longed for a life on the road, physical movement became my therapy, and nature filled my soul. As the Universe presented me with signs to follow, I was able to dig myself out of a lingering depression and cultivate a deep sense of joy. This sense of joy has made it possible for me to keep my head above the water even when life has presented heart-breaking challenges.

Living a life of many highs and lows has brought me to the realization that ‘Euphoric Cultivation’ is my Life’s Purpose.

Euphoric Cultivation means creating your ultimate and everlasting happiness. A happiness that comes from within and not from any external factors.

So how do you cultivate the life that you have always wanted to live?

What steps can you take that will get you closer to your dream life?

Crafting your ultimate happiness starts at the core, basic nutrition tips and changes in lifestyle. We look at your primary aspects of life, called The Circle of Life, such as career, relationships, physical movement, etc., to discover the quality of your lifestyle right now. It seems like there is always something more we can improve on. Finding balance in your Circle of Life is key to sustaining a healthier diet. We each have a choice to make food our medicine or our poison. When aspects of our life aren’t fulfilled, many of us tend to fill the gaps with unhealthy eating habits to create a temporary sense of comfort and joy. Does this sound familiar to you? Looking towards food to fulfill what’s been missing in our life leads to excess weight gain, brain fog, laziness, and even more serious conditions such as diabetes, auto-immune diseases and more. But it’s never too late to take control of your health and happiness!

Awareness is the first step to change and accountability is the key to making that change everlasting! Whether you’re looking for advice, guidance, a listening ear, or more, a holistic health coach may be your next step to the change you are calling in.

My name is Kristin Riegel, I am an Integrative Health and Nutrition coach, a certified yoga instructor, an adventure seeker, and a joy cultivator, and I am here to help rekindle that joy, light, and love that you are seeking, back into your life!

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