Halfway through the Detox Challenge

I hosted a detox challenge for the month of March with 13 people, here’s how I felt!

Photo by Dalton Johnson

For this challenge, I encouraged those joining me to choose one negative influence in their lives that has seemingly taken over. My thought process was that this influence was typically something they relied on or gravitated towards when feelings of stress, frustration, or sadness arose.

Since we chose to remove a negative influence for the challenge, I also encouraged everyone to adopt a positive habit to pick up as well. The goal here was to replace our coping mechanisms with more positive and sustainable habits instead. 

I personally decided to remove alcohol from my life for the month of March and replace it with a meditation practice. I have found that when I feel uncomfortable in social situations or frustrated after a long day, I tend to reach for a beer or glass of wine. So far I have felt a large shift in the way I feel mentally, physically, and emotionally. Without alcohol I feel more mental clarity, energy, emotional stability and an overall lightness.  Side Note: Since writing this post, I have had a couple alcoholic drinks for St. Paddy’s day and noticed repercussions with lower energy and a lingering sadness after.

Here is a break down of how I felt halfway through the challenge:


  • Mental Clarity: Whenever I drink alcohol, the next day my brain feels foggy and I struggle to make decisions on how to navigate the day. This will usually happen if I consume at least 2 drinks, but when I consume one-a-day, the build up of consumption still affects me. For this reason alone I would stop drinking alcohol altogether
  • Physical Energy: I feel a lot more energized to move my body and am motivated to visit the gym regularly. When alcohol was an influence in my life, I would choose to either visit the gym or the brewery after work. Half of the time I would choose the brewery and feel completely lazy after having a drink or two. I find much more enjoyment in visiting the gym regularly now for the physical movement, fun, and social aspect. Plus, I have more energy after to either continue to work when I get home or do something else that is productive.
  • Emotional Stability: I’ve noticed when I consume alcohol regularly, my emotions are much more difficult to navigate. Sometimes I will feel an overwhelming sensation of sadness the next day or tend to write stories in my head that are often false. Without alcohol I feel much more grounded and level-headed. Meditation has helped with this as well as I feel a consistent practice makes it much easier to melt any lingering stress away.
  • Productivity: Like mentioned before, as soon as I have one alcoholic beverage, my productivity levels go down the drain. Without drinking alcohol I am able to get much more work done throughout the day and into the evening.
  • Save money: It’s very easy to go out to dinner and spend an extra $10 + on drinks with a meal or grab a bottle of wine when shopping at the grocery store. I can see how easy it will be to save money when not drinking. 
  • Presence: I feel very much in the moment when I am not drinking as I am not numbing any emotions or experiences.


  • Social: Over these last couple of weeks I have been pretty anti-social. I basically only leave my house for groceries or to visit the gym. I’ve honestly found that it’s not very fun to visit a brewery or bar with friends unless you’re drinking. Maybe I need more practice being sober in social situations or else this is just a sad reality. 

Why others joined the challenge:

“I needed a reset in my life.”

“I want to start my birthday off strong and feel motivated.”

“I am fresh home from vacation and needed a reset to start off the new month.”

“I want to be more intentional and consistent in my personal life.”

“Work has created burnout, I could use a reset to put more focus on myself.”

“I want to take my goals and self to the next level.”

I want to create routine and more positivity in my life.”

Have you ever completed a challenge like this? How did you feel after? Would you take the challenge again? Let me know in the comments below!

I will be hosting another challenge like this come June. Stay tuned for the announcement!!

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