10 Positive Morning Routine Habits

Implementing a solid morning routine will encourage a sense of grounding, productivity, and positivity for the day ahead!

If you don’t already do so, this week I challenge you to commit to waking up an hour earlier than usuall, and give yourself some time and space to breathe, and ease into your the day. 

10 Positive Habits to add to your Daily Morning Routine

Make your bed

This is a daily discipline habit that should never get skipped. As soon as you hop out of bed, commit yourself to making it. 

Making your bed in the morning will kickstart your desire to be productive and accomplish other tasks throughout your day.

A made bed will also encourage you to keep the rest of your room tidy. We can all agree that its tough to feel calm and relaxed in a disorganized space.


Keep a glass or water bottle next to your bed and drink it first thing in the morning. Hydrating with a glass of water is more beneficial to your health and energy than a cup of coffee. 

Better yet, drink a warm mug of water with a squeeze of lemon and your whole mind, body, and spirit will be thanking you!

Benefits of lemon in your water: promotes hydration, source of Vitamin C, aids digestion, freshens breathe, makes water more tasty, improves skin quality, and more! What doesn’t it do?

Morning Pages

The act of journaling in the morning allows you to materialize any thoughts or feelings taking up vacant space in your mind and then release them for mental clarity and creative spaciousness to tackle your tasks that lie ahead

There are a multitude of ways to make the most out of your journal sessions including utilizing journal prompts, writing gratitude lists, visualizing and recording your manifestation desires, and my personal favorite, a strategy called Morning Pages, introduced by Julia Cameron in her book the Artists’ Way

With Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages strategy, when our minds transition from a sleep to wake state, the thoughts running through our brain are less likely to be swayed by what’s going on in society, the news, social media, etc. When we journal first thing in the morning, we are more capable of tapping into our individualized thoughts, emotions, and higher consciousness.

After you’re done making your bed, grab your journal or a pen and paper, and start writing out whatever thoughts come to mind. Aim to fill out three longhand pages. Allow the thoughts and words flow freely. There are no rules to this exercise. Write anything that comes up, from venting about a person or situation that challenged you, to a dream you had last night, a goal you are striving for, or feelings of gratitude you may have. 

Meditate, Pray, or Practice Breathwork

Get acquainted with your inner-self and sit in a meditation for 10 minutes or longer. 

There are a ton of free resources available that offer guided meditations and relaxing music that helps you quiet the mind and enter a meditative state. My favorite sources to find meditations includes Youtube, Gaia.com, and the Calm app.

If sitting quiet and still for 10 minutes sounds too long for you, start small with 3-5 minutes and increase that meditation  length over time. There are so many benefits to a daily meditation practice and the more you practice, the more you’ll observe the inner and outer work.

Warm beverages and Reflection

Coffee, tea, hot lemon water, you choose! One of my favorite additions to my morning routine is enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and reflecting on life. I call it my, “Morning Coffee Thoughts,” which I sometimes will share on social media.

One may say I’m a coffee addict and need that cup of Joe to start my day, but more than the caffeine, I love the ritual of enjoying a warm beverage in the morning. While enjoying this cup of coffee, I reflect on the things I’m grateful for, the tasks I want to accomplish, the people I want to catch up with, and even observe my outdoor surroundings, whether I’m on the road with my boyfriend or sitting at home.

Practice Yoga

There’s nothing like starting your day with gentle movement to wake the body and mind up. I’m a big fan of 20 minute yoga classes because I find they’re just enough time to lubricate the muscles and joints but not too long where I start listing off the endless tasks I have to do in my mind.

A great resource for free, short yoga classes is Youtube, or there are also a variety of apps and websites that offer yoga classes to cater to every level and area of need.

Stay tuned and I will be uploading some of my own yoga classes to this website and Youtube as well. 

Sunrise Walk

Get those legs moving and enjoy the first warmth of sunlight on your face. A 20+ minute walk is a great addition to your morning routine to improve your mindset and energy levels.

Use this time to process your thoughts or listen to an inspiring podcast while you’re out. This is your time to be with yourself, and enjoy the present moment.

Benefits of morning walks: get more Vitamin D, increase energy levels, clear your head, get those extra steps in, kick starts your metabolism, and is a domino effect to more healthy habits.

Passion Project

Do you have any passion projects that you find difficult to keep up with due to a lack of time. Why not make time for it first thing in the morning?

Often times I tell myself that I’ll make time for my passion projects after work, only to be too exhausted from my day to do anything but binge Netflix. For myself, mornings are the time I feel most inspired and energized. Also, when I’m in that positive mindset, I am able to tap into my creative and free-flowing state.

For example: I am currently in the process of building this holistic health coaching business. It’s quite literally wake wakes me up in the morning from an excited and dedicated standpoint.

Whether your passion project is a work of art, continued education, a side gig, or hobby, make it a priority!! When you make it a priority, often those purposeful passions turn into something BIGGER and BETTER for you in the long run.

Breakfast and Brainpower

Time to make yourself a breakfast that fuels you up for the day, mentally and physically. While you’re at it, why not listen to a powerful podcast, documentary, or Youtube video while you whip up something healthy. 

I find that cooking is the perfect opportunity to listen to those podcasts that I’ve been longing to hear. 

My favorite podcasts to listen to in the morning are: the Expanded podcast, Highest Self podcast, and a Bit of Optimism.

Another great resource that offers powerful documentaries and messages is Gaia.com. This resource offers everything from a variety of yoga classes and meditations, to documentaries on Quantum physics, holistic healing, and the power of Gratitude.

Create a to-do list

Now is the time to set yourself up for the day that lies ahead. I’m sure throughout your morning routine you’ve had multiple to-do lists cross your mind. Grab that piece of paper, note app or whatever else works best for you and organize those thoughts to paper.

List out everything that is a priority to accomplish first and then the additionals: those you would like to accomplish but aren’t quite necessary.

Now you have a game plan to tackle the day and you are ready to GO!

Final Thoughts

Ahhh didn’t that feel good?

When you make time for yourself in the morning, it is much easier to manage the tasks that lie ahead whether they’re known or unpredictable. 

This list offers a large handful of options that I find to be personally beneficial to start my day but I often choose just a few of these to accomplish each morning.

Some are crucial for myself such as making the bed, hydrating, morning pages, and meditation. And other habits listed on this blog post are a nice addition for myself to accomplish. My personal favorites when I have the time to execute them are practicing yoga and taking a walk outside to start my day.

Do you have a favorite morning routine that you enjoy completing? Comment below what your favorite morning routine habits are whether they are listed above or are entirely different. I’d love to hear your go-to’s, and may just add some extra’s to my personal list/share them with clients.

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